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2009-10-19 08:41:47 by lisamoya

thanks for the portal!
and for the people!!!
and for all newgrounds!!!
this is my first adward!!!
and not my last one ;)

first i will tell whats about the flash..
is about a tournament in deviant art called swirly tournament

heres the tournament m/

now i need a voice of a women for do the paper of ROSE
rose is a maniac of nature, she is carefull when she talks
and she have a parasite in her body
heres her description emary-Ref-117323849

i need a voice of a adolecent (boy) for the paper of Quituple
he is a boy who enter in panic when somebody tries to kill him..
he will do everything possible for dont die.
in his head he have infinite robots inside him
heres his description rt/ST-QUITUPLE-REF-2-117716053

now i need a voice of a crazy guy and another voice for a serius guy

so wanna participate?
i will put the names and the links of your acounts in newgrounds in the credits


I need voices.. good voices to my new flash

yep im here

2008-07-15 21:12:20 by lisamoya

hi -w-
this is artist incompre
i will try too post old of my videos here in newgrounds
but i will start new videos and post here

yep im here